Mission Statement

Crossport is a not-for-profit* social support organization serving transgender individuals in the Greater Cincinnati and surrounding area, including partners, families, friends, and other allies.

Guided by the values of acceptance and compassion, we strive for mutual understanding and equal treatment.

We also serve as an educational resource for the transgender community and an outreach to the general public.

We are open to all transgender individuals and we also feel strongly about addressing the needs of the spouses, family members, and others who are close to the transgender community. Our goal is to support and empower one another and, as best we can, address the unique needs and challenges faced by transgender individuals. We do this by providing a safe meeting place for you to meet and talk with others like yourself who will accept you for who you are. We also provide information and education for our members, including an extensive library and a high quality monthly newsletter.

Additionally, our outreach programs aim to better educate the public, health organizations, and professionals who work with the transgender community, such as therapists and doctors. We also coordinate with other local organizations whose goals are to enlighten the public and to provide political and legal equality for all members of our society.
Please note Crossport is neither a dating service nor a fetish club

* Although Crossport is a not-for-profit organization, we are not a 501(c)(3) tax exempt.organization. If you wish to make a contribution to Crossport contact your tax advisor.