Welcome to Crossport

Thank you for your interest in our group and welcome to the transgender community. No, you are not alone. Yes, you do have plenty of support, maybe more than you realize. If you are a transgender person and this is your first experience contacting an organization such as ours….


You have taken a very important first step towards embracing your entire person. It is a step that we think will help you become more self-accepting, more self-assured of who you are, and better able to integrate your special nature into all aspects of your life.

This is a step that many have taken before you. Many have been successful in ridding themselves of confusion and becoming aware of themselves to engender a sense of dignity and confidence in their entire person.

Regardless how well adjusted and self-accepting you may or may not feel about your behavior, we all have room to grow in our sense of innate comfort. Many have been cross dressing since puberty and going out in public for years. Many of us have been in the gender community for years and still find that we have periods of growth and change as we travel along our gender paths.

Much of this growth we attribute to our association with our group and the close friendships we have developed with others.

You may be confused and struggling with yourself. You may feel exceptionally alone and emotionally stressed. You may have substantial fear in becoming involved in our group. All of these feelings were experienced by the hundreds who have come to our group before you. And like them, you will experience the support and acceptance you deserve.

If you are a friend, relative, or partner of a transgender person, you also, may have made this step with a certain amount of trepidation. You may have many mixed feelings and many concerns about this whole gender issue. You also are to be congratulated for reaching out and opening yourself to our community. The consideration and caring for the transgender person in your life reflects the value you place on your relationships.

Your needs may be different from theirs in your effort to understand and accept, but properly dealing with your needs and feelings is just as crucial to your own well-being as their needs and feelings are to them.

If all of this sounds fairly heavy, it can be. Some people come to us at the end of their rope, but many come to us well adjusted to their lifestyle and pleased they found others like themselves.

Although gender issues deal with some serious and important topics the overall tone of our group is very upbeat, high-key and fun. We are generally a very social organization whose best support mechanism is the casual and informal way we approach these issues. The most valuable tool we have in meeting our needs is the friendship and enjoyment of each others company.

The needs of some individuals are fairly simple and easily met. These members may just want to meet others like themselves, want some help with hair, clothes and makeup and want some place to go while cross dressed.

Others may have more desperate or complex needs for self-acceptance or are experiencing difficulties with their relationships or a multitude of other things. You may think that no one has gone through what you are going through, but many of us have gone through the same difficulties.

Within our group there are members with a wide diversity of experiences, identifications and orientations, and are here to share those with you, listen to yours and join you as you travel along the path before you.

Hopefully this is just the first of many steps you will take in our community. It can be a fascinating and empowering journey if you allow it. Aspects of your life that you may not be proud of now can be the very same aspects that you may respect, feel secure about and regard with dignity at some point. And if nothing else, you can get all dressed up, and have someplace to go.

Again, welcome to our organization and please remember that if you ever have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to speak up.

Warmly and Sincerely,
Your friends at Crossport

(Your privacy is very important  to us. When you contact us your information will be treated securely.)