How Do I Become a Member?

Crossport has a very flexible and open definition of membership. According to our bylaw 1.1 “Anyone who attends a meeting is a member” of Crossport. No other commitment, financial or otherwise, is required to be a member—if you come to one meeting, you are considered a member, just as simple as that. You may attend any support or social meeting without obligation.

The only restriction for coming to meetings is that you must be of legal voting age (18 years of age and older). Anyone younger than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Voting Membership

Most of our active members become “Voting members.” The benefits of voting membership include: 1) a subscription to Crossport’s full monthly newsletter, The InnerView; 2) borrowing privileges to Crossport’s extensive library of books, periodicals, and DVDs on wide range of gender topics; 3) and the ability to both vote in and run for office in annual Crossport Board elections (or any other matter upon which the group votes, such as changes to the bylaws).

The commitment to become a voting member is $30 per year, which helps Crossport underwrite the costs for the library, the phone service, this website, Crossport pamphlet and business cards, various community outreach projects (such a Pride event booths), expenses for the June picnic, and various other initiatives that benefit our members and the local TG community. You can become a voting member by sending a check or money order for $30 payable to Crossport, P.O. Box 19936, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219, or by bringing your donation to any Crossport meeting or pay by PayPal (below).

To support Crossport’s mission, a number of members have chosen to give to the organization at higher levels which are:

  • Bronze Level: $50
  • Silver Level: $75
  • Gold Level: $100

Although no extra privileges come with the higher levels of giving to the organization, the generosity and support of members giving at the higher levels is very much appreciated, as it greatly aids Crossport’s mission in serving our transgender community.

PayPal is available for the convenience of those who would like to pay dues via credit/debit card or via PayPay. You may still pay at any Crossport social or support event by handing a check or cash to a Crossport Board Member or by mailing to our P.O. Box..